James Hurley

by James Hurley

Released 2003
Released 2003
Blues, Jazz, and Rock with an earthy, rootsy feel polished with memorable melodies.
To my way of thinking, this collection of fifteen songs is an album in the truest sense of the word. Each song is like a photograph. It's a time, or a place, or a feeling, that's been captured in music. The styles of the songs range from rock to jazz to blues and pop, which reflects the huge wellspring of influences from which they came...

I should probably mention that this was never intended to be a commercial release, it's actually a collection of "Demo's and Sketches" that I put together as an archive of places I'd lived or visited musically. Two of the songs (Whisper and London Bridge) I ended up re-recording on the subsequent CD "The Sun and the Moon"...the fidelity was better, and I was able to flesh them out the ideas a little more, but these initial recordings retain an indefinable "something" for me, so I decided to retain those songs on this most recent edition as well.- J.H. 6/06

...By the way, for those that enjoy the acoustic side of this album, here's a link to another album I have available here on CDBaby!