The Sun and the Moon

by James Hurley

Released 2004
Released 2004
Melody and imagination take this song-oriented acoustic guitar based album well beyond the genre of singer-songwriter. "Jazz-like virtuosity on acoustic guitar" - minor 7th Magazine.
First let me say this record was a helluva lot of fun to make.
It was recorded in a very short, and intense, period
of time using the most fundamental of recording techniques. We used microphones to record real musicians
making actual sounds on musical instruments...and other things. We even invented a thing or two, kind of a "make it up as you go along" approach...very creative atmosphere. Combine that with the caliber of musicians I was lucky enough to work with, and the degree of commitment and participation each of them brought to the sessions and wow!...something wonderful happened.

About the songs...Each and every one means something very special to me...I chose to record these in particular for that very reason, and hopefully, that'll be apparent when you listen...Thanks for taking a look,