Back in L.A...for a moment

This last NW tour was one of the best ever. Response to the new album has been very positive and once again I have to take a moment to savor how lucky I am. The very idea that it's possible to make some sort of a living out of this is kind of surreal... I met a bunch of great new people along the way. Each show and each city was inspiring in a different way. If you've ever seen one of my shows you've probably already heard me say this at some time or another, but I'll say it again..."I love my job" :^) I'm leaving tomorrow morning for a series of performances over the weekend at the Jacksonville Jazz Festival in Florida. I'll be performing as a side-man guitar player with "Erock for Kids", a children's music project I was a member of years ago. It's a great act with very hip material.I had almost forgotten how sophisticated some of the songs actually are. This is going to be fun!

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