No longer booking live performances. Though the music remains available here at the website and on most digital platforms.

Thank you ALL for all the great memories through the years!


Most of my performances are "solo-acoustic", meaning it's just my guitar, my voice, and the music. I like it that way, it allows for spontaneity in the performance, which is something I enjoy as much as my audiences do.

That also makes my stage plot simple; A single vocal mic (Shure SM-58 or equivalent) on a boom-stand, and a direct-box to the P.A. for my guitar. And of course if I'm to be positioned behind the main speakers I'll need at least one monitor speaker.

For smaller, more intimate shows (Most, though not necessarily all, House Concerts, for instance) I like to perform completely acoustically...


Some of the types of venues I play;

* Festivals

* Theaters

* Listening Rooms

* Private House Concerts

* Galleries

* I also perform for charitable causes when I can fit it into a tour.