Concerts In Your Home


If you've never attended a House Concert and are curious about what they are and about those enigmatic listings on my performance calendar, here's a bit of info;

A House Concert is simply and literally a concert in a private home. Just like a concert at a theater or any other public venue, the focus of the evening is on the performance and the music. But there are some significant differences...

A House Concert is a much more intimate musical experience than most people are accustomed to. They tend to average between 20 to 50 people (there are exceptions to both numbers) and most times it's completely acoustic, though sometimes for a larger concert or one that's held outdoors, a small P.A. might be used to reinforce the sound. And instead of paying a ticket price ranging from $25 to $150, a House Concert guest is requested to contribute a donation directly to the artist - usually $15 to $20.

The evening begins with a half-hour to an hour of socializing before the show - often including pot-luck appetizers and/or desserts - followed by two 40 - 45 minute up-close sets of music with an intermission in between that gives the audience an opportunity to meet one another and the artist. 

At the scheduled time, the host will ask the audience to take their seats and takes a moment to introduce the artist. And then the show begins!

You'll hear songs you've never heard, often along with the stories behind the songs. You'll be so close to the artist that every seat is the best seat in the house. Everything a concert experience has to offer; laughter, inspiration and moments of quiet poignancy... All in the friendly, intimate setting of a private home among people that love music as much as you do.

The intermission is a great opportunity meet some of those people. There's something about a shared musical experience that makes it very easy to make new friends... It's also a perfect opportunity to meet the performer(s) and talk to them one-to-one. Now, that's something that doesn't often happen in a public venue!

After the intermission the performer does another set of music, and before you know it, and all too soon, the evening is at an end. Usually, there will be a table with CDs available if you'd like to take the music home with you.

Watching folks react to their first House Concert is always a treat. They're relaxed, among friends, and don't have to fight to hear the music, and are able to let the music do what it's supposed to do...take them away for a little while.

So just how cool is that?

Oh yes, one other thing.... Anyone can host a House Concert! 

If you'd like to either host or attend one, just click on the banner up there at the top of this page or send me an email!

Frequent random happiness,