“There is a nimble symphonic whimsy at work in all of Hurley’s highly-evolved compositions. If all four of The Beatles and George Martin were poured into a single guitar playing songwriter, I believe it would look and sound like James Hurley.”” - Robert Morgan Fisher - Author & Recording Artist
James is a real joy to listen to and to watch. He very casually does some phenomenal things on guitar while singing his truly original and melodically courageous songs.” - Severin Browne - Recording artist
James Hurleys' TEMPEST IN A TEACUP is a GREAT album.I listened to it straight through, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Good to hear music for adults for a change, lol! Outstanding!” - Mike Pell


* Wow, I love your guitar playing, how you can carry a song on its own with just guitar and your soft, soulful vocals, that's the measure of a real musician! Being a Brit, I just had to listen to London Bridge, ha! Love One Man Woman too - some Chet Atkins in there! All good wishes for greater things to come! Kelvin * I love The Sun and the Moon. The melody, the lyric, the sound of your voice and vocal delivery. Made me smile.The ending to London Bridge made me laugh out loud, thank you for a splendid story and a wonderful song. Bravo! Your guitar is you in musical terms. And the music is pure joy..David K. - L.A. Your music is fantastic! You've got all of the elements down: Excellent guitar player, slick voice and lyrics. A real craftsman! Doug W. - Los angeles * I'm absolutely loving London Bridge! That's gonna be my "Clear-the-hangover" song at uni! It sounds like Paul Simon, if he were a bit happier! Liam U.K. *  The fave for me is, "London Bridge, " and the tuba works brilliantly, however, "Take Me Away, " is also a lovely song with a slight Simon and Garfunkel feel to it in places. I do request that you put some more lyrics up though as some of the lyrics in, "Take Me Away, " are superb and I would really like to be able to read, "London Bridge, " as well as just listening. All the best to you. Hope you come to England soon. Sion” - Fans from around the world...
One of the Top Ten Live Acoustic Male singer-Songwriters in L.A." - Folkworks Magazine This is strong, soul-sustaining music" -  American Songwriter Magazine ...stops you in your tracks..." -  Minor 7th Magazine ...one of the most unique performers I've ever seen." - Peter Krantz ”