All 2015 shows cancelled!

I've been very much looking forward to this year's tours, but the time has come for me to perform a task I've been putting off in hopes it would prove unnecessary. Today I must cancel all of my bookings for 2015. 

Over the last few years I've been experiencing increasing pain in my arms and hands when playing and it's gotten to the point that it's just too painful to play... This has been diagnosed as carpal tunnel in both arms and trigger-finger in both hands. The condition will require surgery to rectify. Naturally, only one appendage will be repaired at a time and each will require substantial time for healing and recovery. It'll be a long while before I'm able to play again, and once I can, I suspect it'll be awhile before I can perform. 

Funny ol' world, isn't it?

In the words of both General Douglas MacArthur and The Terminator... "I'll be back!"


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