From the recording Tempest in a Teacup

Two hearts and many, many miles.


Jealous of the Moon
copyright 2006 T. James Hurley
Thanks to you, my oldest friend, I’ve always known
if the time should come, your loyal heart would show.
So I’ll ask you please to tell her no one else could love her more than I do.
Tell me, when you see her does she speak of me?
Does she ever say I’m in the dreams she sees?
Do the nights go by so slowly that they take eternity like mine do?
Maybe I should not have asked this favor of a friend.
All throughout the ages we’ve seen over and again...
Better to beware, all in love and war is fair.
So how can I be certain that the things I say to you,
are the very words you’ll say to her?
Please, I think I’m not myself, apologies are due.
No more faithful friend has ever been... than you.
And I know it’s foolish to become jealous of the moon.
But I do.